Corner Pivots

We pioneered continuous movement performance in our corner arms.

Uniform Water Application and More Acres at Less Cost…

Over 30 years of corner system irrigation experience has resulted in consistently improved levels of performance and reliability.

T-L corner arms maintain continuous movement utilizing T-L's patented hydraulic alignment controls. Corner span drives are hydraulic planetary design that are direct coupled to the hydraulic motors resulting in a narrow corner span profile reducing crop loss.

Smooth, accurate steering is achieved using a powerful hydraulic cylinder. Comparing T-L's corner system to electric: T-L's corner irrigation system guidance is achieved through simple, safe, low voltage controls operating strong and dependable hydraulic power. This eliminates high voltage power, electric motors, contactors, switches, relays, transformers, center drive gear reducers, shafts and bearings needed by electric systems.

T-L's continuous movement reduces wear on the corner connection since the arm does not stop and go every minute of operation. The T-L corner adjusts to the constant speed of the center pivot end tower and maintains a uniform speed and connection position.

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1. Flexible Corner Connection

T-L's flexible corner connection transfers the smooth, continuous movement of the pivot system to the corner arm.

2. Maximize Irrigated Area
T-L corner systems allow for flexibility to maximize irrigated area in a variety of applications.
3. Planetary Wheel Hub
Hydraulic motors are coupled directly to the planetary wheel hub allowing a narrower travel profile for reduced crop loss.

GPS Navigation

T-L’s GPS NAVIGATION CORNER SYSTEM is the ultimate in design simplicity.

Featuring Real Time Kinematic (RTK) accuracy and Wheel Angle Sensor (WAS) for true tracking, the package includes the base station, eliminating the need for a subscription. The system tracks multiple constellations reducing the signal loss caused by tree lines and other obstacles and there is no electronic interference from power lines. Operators can easily change the path of the system through a simple “teach” function.

Users get “track on track” accuracy pass after pass fast start up time, and real-time diagnostics so they can watch it work. Safety is assured through low voltage, DC(24VDC), and there is no buried wire.

GPS Navigation Box

Corner Pivot Testimonials

Don Blaschko & Lonnie Bohn
Gibbon, Nebraska
Tim Morelli
Maupin, Oregon
Mark Utecht
Hastings, NE
Hank Cheyne
Bonanza, Oregon
Rich Knight
White Swan, Washington
Ken Boswell
Shickley, Nebraska