Pivot Control Options

Explore and compare our pivot control options.

Manual Pivot Control

Manual Control

Control speed and direction with two simple hydraulic valves.

Pivot Point Control

Point Control

Control speed and direction from the pivot or remote location with safe 24VDC.

Precision Point Touch Basic

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Precision Point Touch Pro

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Nano Solar

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Nano T-L Basic Controller

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Nano T-L Advanced Controller

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Nano T-L Computer Controller

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Edge Controller

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Features Manual Control Point Control Precision Point Touch Edge Control at End Tower *
Basic Pro
Continuous Movement of ALL Towers
Single Phase or 3 Phase Power Options
Engine Power Option, no AC Required
No High Voltage AC on System
No Copper Wire on System
Auto Restart External Timer
Start on Water Pressure External Switch
AC Power Not Required (Engine Power)
Auto Reverse/Stop by Switch
Set Speed & Direction from Pivot Point/Offset
Speed Feedback from End Tower
Precision Speed Control
Program Application Separate Fwd/Rev
Programmable Speeds by Angle / VRI
GPS Position in Field by Degrees (GPS)
2 End Guns Control by Degrees (GPS)
Auto Reverse/Stop by Degrees (GPS)
Start Movement Delay Timer
Safety History
Auto Restart Controlled by Panel
Start on Water Pressure Controlled by Panel
Analog Water Pressure Sensor (0-100 PSI)
Auxiliary Control Relays 2 1
No Control Panel at Pvt Pnt or Field Edge
Control Performed at End Tower
Reduced Wires Underground Offset Panel w/HMI
Remote Telemetry Monitor, On/Off
Remote Telemetry / Full Control incl Spd/Dir

* Manage all Edge Control operations from your mobile device!