Pivot Control Options

Explore and compare our pivot control options.

Manual Pivot Control

Manual Speed and Direction Control

  • Control speed and direction with two simple hydraulic valves.

Pivot Point Control

T-L Point Control

  • Control speed and direction from the pivot or remote location.
  • Safe 24VDC Control.

Pivot Point Control III

T-L Precision Point Control III

  • Speed & Direction Control
  • End Gun Control By Angle
  • Aux Application Areas
  • Auto Reverse / Stop by Angle
  • VRI with Remote Telemetry
  • Safe 24 Volt DC Control
  • Closed Loop Speed Control for Maximum Uniformity

T-L Pivot Point Touch Control

T-L Precision Point Touch

  • Full Color 7” Graphic Screen
  • Touch Screen for easy operation
  • Visual Programming
  • Two End Gun outputs
  • 4 VRI Auxiliary Application Areas Each Direction and up to 120 VRI Steps with Web Telemetry
  • Position Stop by Angle
  • "Soft Start" ensures slow start speed
  • Firmware update via USB
  • Safe 24 Volt DC Control
  • Closed Loop Speed Control for Maximum Uniformity

Features Manual Control Point Control Precision Point Control III Precision Point Touch
Continuous Movement of ALL Towers
No High Voltage AC on System
Auto Restart Operation (Electric Power)
Start on Water Pressure (Electric Power)
AC Power Not Required (Engine Power)
Auto Reverse/Stop
No Copper Wire on System
Remote Monitor (Telemetry)
Remote On-Off Control (Telemetry)
Low Voltage 24VDC Control
Speed Feedback from End Tower
Offset Control Panel Location
Precision Speed Control
Auto Reverse Delay Timer
GPS Position in Field (Degrees)
Encoder Position in Field (Degrees)
End Gun Control by Degrees (GPS/Encoder)
Auto Reverse/Stop by Degrees (GPS/Encoder)
Programmable Speeds
Set Application Depth
Remote Full Control (Telemetry)
Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI)
Dual End Gun Control by Degrees (GPS/Encoder)
Safety History
Auxiliary Control Relays

Precision Point Touch Pro

Retrofit to an existing touch system! New board add-on replaces multiple external systems for simplified and functional pivot operation.


  • Load control
  • Water pump control
  • Water pressure monitoring
  • Water-pressure triggered start
  • Two additional auxiliary equipment controls
  • Detailed safety readouts for easy troubleshooting
  • USB datalogging of multiple system parameters
  • Telemetry connect-ability

T-L Basic Controller

Monitor and control your T-L with the new and improved T-L Basic Controller. The T-L Basic Controller can be wired for use on electric panels or combustion engines, and can be used with T-L Manual Control, Point Control or Precision Point Control systems.

When the Basic Controller is paired with a solar powered Z5-Remote panel, you can have positioning and pressure readings at the end of the system. The wireless design allows the Basic Controller to be located at the Pivot Point or remote site without the need for span cable or underground wire to communicate to the panel from the end tower! The Z5-Remote also allows you to wire in a pressure transducer or pressure switch to monitor your pressure at the end of the pivot.


  • Start
  • Stop
  • Endgun
  • Auxiliary


  • Direction
  • Run
  • Speed
  • Pressure
  • GPS Position
  • GPS Stall
  • Intelligent Collision Detection

T-L Computer Controller

Get the most out of your T-L PPC III or PPT Touch panel with FieldWise. The FieldWise T-L Computer Controller offers full control of your system remotely through the user-friendly FieldWise Portal. The T-L Computer Controller is easy to wire up and utilizes existing equipment in your panel.

Visit www.field-wise.com. Multiple telemetry options, under ONE website, no matter where you are or what device you log into.


  • Start
  • Stop
  • Endgun
  • Speed
  • Direction
  • Pump


  • Direction
  • Run
  • Speed
  • Endgun
  • Pressure
  • GPS Stall
  • Intelligent Collision Detection