Step back in time and learn about our company’s 60+ year history.

T-L Irrigation Company
LeRoy Thom founded T-L Irrigation Company at 1103 E. South St. in Hastings, Nebraska.
Tractor Tow Lines
In 1956 T-L Irrigation introduced and sold over 300 miles of Tractor Tow Line sprinkler irrigation systems.
T-L Irrigation Supply Company
T-L Irrigation Supply Company was incorporated for the distribution of additional short line farm equipment. Artsway feed mixers, feed wagons, and loaders were distributed in Kansas and Nebraska. Other products were Jeoffroy Chisel Plows, AnselTractor Cabs, Radson Products, and Long Grain Bins and Augers.
Aluminum Pipe Tube Mill
T-L irrigation purchased its first Aluminum Irrigation Pipe Tube Mill for gravity irrigation systems.
Manufacture of Habco Grain Dryers
T-L irrigation purchased the Habco patents and trademark in 1962 and began the manufacture of Habco Grain Dryers at its Hastings, Nebraska location.
Rite-Flow Screw Irrigation Gate
T-L irrigation began production of the aluminum Rite-Flo Screw Irrigation Gate, easing adjustment of water flow and minimizing field maintenance.
First T-L Self Propelled Circular Irrigation System
The first T-L Irrigation Self-Propelled Circular Irrigation System was built in 1969. It featured the unique continuous move hydraulic drive system.
T-L Irrigation Relocation to Hastings Naval Depot
In 1971 the original T-L Irrigation location in Hastings, NE was destroyed by a fire and a new Office and Parts building was constructed at the current site on East Highway 6.
Planetary Gear Drive
T-L Irrigation Planetary Gear Drive systems were introduced in 1974. Thirty years later the T-L Irrigation Planetary Gear Drive is still recognized as the premier pivot irrigation drive option.
Hot Dip Galvanizing
In 1976 T-L Irrigation acquired its own galvanizing plant to improve the rust resistance of irrigation system components.
Linear Irrigation Systems
T-Lʼs first Linear Irrigation System was sold this year. Linear irrigations systems are designed for greater water coverage on rectangular shaped fields.
Corner Pivot Irrigation System
T-L Irrigation Corner Systems were first sold in 1981. Corner irrigation systems make irrigation available to acreage normally not covered by pivots.
Quick Tow Irrigation Pivot
T-L Irrigation introduced the Quick Tow Pivot in 1982. This system featured the hydraulic lift jack on each tower, which eliminated the labor to switch each tower from running to tow position.
Worm Gear Pivot Drive
T-L Irrigation offered a Worm Gear Drive as an alternative to the existing Planetary Gear Drive on its Center Pivot irrigation systems. Both pivot drives feature the continuous move hydraulic power.
One Span Linear Pivot
One Span Linear Pivot Systems were introduced this year to better irrigate smaller rectangular fields, especially important to vegetable growers.
Pivot Irrigation Structural Redesign
The structures of both center pivots and linear pivots were redesigned for greater strength and longevity.
Four-Wheel Pivot Tow Cart
T-L Introduced the 4-Wheel Tow Cart for more convenient towing of longer pivot systems.
Computerized Pivot Control
Known as the "TLC", the control allows the farmer to program precise water application rates for varying locations within the pivot circle in the field.
New Administration Building
The Company's administrative and sales offices were located in a new building, inclusive of a product showroom where customers and visitors could view T-L components out of the elements.
New Linear Pivot Design
This design balances the linears weight over four wheels for maximum traction when pulling the extra lengths of water supply hose for longer systems.
Pivot Management Control Systems
The Point and Precision Point Controls were introduced allowing systems to be operated from the pivot point or any other location designated by the farmer for his convenience. Remote wireless pivot systems communication was also introduced.
ISO 9001
In 2002, T-L qualified for designation as an ISO 9001 certified company. This process brought new levels of quality to the pivot's manufacturing standards and Company management practices.
Precision Mobile Drip Irrigation
T-L invented and patented Precision Mobile Drip Irrigation (PMDI) marrying pivot technology with drip irrigation design. It provides the 95% efficiency with the added advantage of dry wheel tracks.
Aluminum and Stainless Steel Options
Aluminum and Stainless Steel options were made available in addition to Galvanizing, increasing the systems longevity in poor water quality circumstances.
TLC Pivot Manager
The TLC computerized pivot management system was introduced in 1994. The newest version, TLC Pivot Manager, incorporates telemetry technology enabling remote pivot management capability.
Extended Gearbox Warranty
T-L's hydrostatic design has enabled T-L to offer an industry leading warranty on the systems gearboxes. Up to 8 years/24,000 hours on planetaries, and 8 years/16,000 hours on worm drive gearboxes.
50th Anniversary
T-L celebrates its 50th year of providing irrigation innovation and excellence.
Precision Linear Control System
T-L earned the AE50 award for the Precision Linear Control System.
T-L receives the 2010 AE50 Award
This is the second AE50 award earned by T-L Irrigation Co for the Ultra Linear System.

T-L Irrigation also celebrates 55 years of business.
GPS Functionality
GPS technology is made available for the Precision Point Control III.
Mobile Capabilities
The Precision Link is teamed with PPC III and mobile capabilities.
GPS Navigation Corner Systems
Users get “track on track” accuracy pass after pass fast start up time, and real-time diagnostics so they can watch it work. Safety is assured through low voltage, DC(24VDC), and there is no buried wire.
60th Anniversary
T-L celebrates its 60th year of providing irrigation innovation and excellence.
Precision Point Touch
The Precision Point Touch control panel was introduced in 2018 enabling easy operation & control of T-L pivot systems.