Nano T-L Advanced Controller

Valuable insights and improved management capabilities.

Valuable Insights

FieldWise and T-L Irrigations Engineering Department have collaborated closely to develop specialized telemetry products, such as the T-L Advanced Controller, tailored specifically for T-L irrigation systems. This controller is installed at the Alan Bradley panel with a wireless connection to a Remote GPS mounted on the end tower.

  • Establishes a wireless connection to a Remote GPS for precise positioning, mounted on the end tower.
  • Compatible with Main Control, Point Control, or Precision Point Control systems.
  • Monitors essential metrics, including run status, position, direction, and pressure.
  • Allows control over the end gun, aux, start, stop, and pump.

This collaboration aims to optimize the efficiency and control of T-L irrigation systems, empowering farmers with valuable insights and improved management capabilities for their irrigation processes.


  • Running
  • Stopped
  • Pivot Angle
  • Endgun
  • Endgun Mode
  • AUX
  • AUX Mode
  • Travel Direction
  • Water Pressure Status
  • Water Pump Status
  • Last Start
  • Last Stop
  • Collision
  • GPS Stall


  • Start (if replacing AgeSense for ET mount)
  • Stop (with extra wire for ET mount)
  • Endgun
  • AUX
  • Water Pump Control
  • Pressure Start
  • Auto-Restart
  • Task Scheduling


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