Revamp Your Work Culture

By: Lori Culler When working with new clients, one of the questions we ask is, what’s your farm culture? Job seekers want to know what it will be like to work there on a daily basis. The typical answer from most clients is, “Hmm … I haven’t given that much thought before.” Whether you have ... Read More »

Time to Take the Bull by its Horns and Educate Borrowers

By: Danny Klinefelter I recently attended a Farm Credit Director Development program in Charleston, South Carolina, where Dave Kohl presented an agricultural economic update. I thought his presentation was exceptional. He described agricultural producers as fitting into one of three categories: 1) still profitable and cash flowing, still managing tighter margins; 2) those with low ... Read More »

Teamwork, Attention to Detail are Hallmarks of Judisch Farm

By: Richard Oswald Brent Judisch and his wife, Lisa, are a team. Brent puts it this way: “We don’t have a job, we are a farmer.” This year, from spring planting through fall harvest, Brent and Lisa are also part of another team: They’re one of two farm families being featured in DTN’s 2017 View ... Read More »

Adding Acres, the Pioneer Way

By: Kyle Stackhouse Sixteen months ago, dad began work to clear a small woods on the edge of one of our fields. Work had stalled all last spring, summer, and fall. Snowfall this week provided a buffer that allowed us to burn the brush piles left over. After the embers cool, it will still take ... Read More »

Cotton gin poetry: The smell of hope

By: Hambree Brandon Each year, I intend to set the pedometer on my phone to see how many steps/miles I rack up during the two days of the Mid-South Farm and Gin Show, walking over that big convention center. Somehow I never remember to do it. Suffice it to say, it’s a lot. Those of ... Read More »