Sistemas de Riego de Remolque Rápido

Experience the versatility of quick tow from T-L.

Move in minutes…

“Versatility” describes the T-L Quick Tow best. Ideal where crop rotation is important ... OR when covering a lot of acres with supplemental irrigation ... OR when double cropping and timely germination of the second crop is critical. When a stationary pivot is not practical, the flexibility of the Quick Tow can provide the needed coverage and reduce your per-acre investment.

T-L’s Quick Tow design retains the benefits of all other T-L systems; superior structural strength, simplicity of operation, even water distribution, safety and lower maintenance costs.

The Quick Tow design mounts the power source, hydraulic pump and fuel tank on the pivot point, making the system tow-ready with a minimum of preparation. T-L’s exclusive Scissor Jacks make wheel rotation easy . . . while others struggle, you will be moved and irrigating!

Although portable, the T-L Quick Tow keeps all the benefits of continuous movement; even water distribution, gearboxes backed by the industry’s best warranty, minimum maintenance, safety from high voltage and simplicity of operation offered in all T-L irrigation systems.

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1. Minimum Preparation

Quick Tow Pivots are effortless to use with unique quick disconnect planetary gears for less than one minute tow switching.

2. Scissor Jacks

T-L’s exclusive scissor jacks raise each tower to get you moving and irrigating.

3. Easy Wheel Rotation

Scissor jacks make wheel rotation easy allowing you to rotate wheel 90°.

Irrigation Water Pattern

Irrigate From 10 to 140 Acres Per Circle…

to fit your farm precisely.

You can water full circles or any segment of a circle and quickly tow to the next pivot point. End guns can be turned on to capture corners and maximize your irrigated acres.