Sin Robo de Cobre

T-L’s hydrostatically powered pivot systems can be designed with no wire to steal.

Go Wireless with T-L!

Copper wire is being stolen from electrically powered pivot systems world-wide. Many growers have resorted to 24-hour guards, razor wire, floodlights, and daily disassembly to protect themselves.

Los sistemas de pivote de tracción hidrostática de T- L se pueden diseñar sin cables susceptibles de robo, eliminando el problema. ¡Los sistemas de riego T-L son para toda la vida y más fáciles para usted!

Prevent theft and discover the reliability, safety and low maintenance of T-L’s hydraulically powered pivot irrigation systems.

Copper Thieves Strike Again!

Pivot Copper Theft

Electric Pivot with razor wire | Copper theft from electric pivots
Electric Pivot with Razor Wire
Electric pivot with floodlights | How to stop copper theft from electric pivots
Electric Pivot with Floodlights
"Thieves stole the copper wire from all of our 25 electrics, and later hit one again after the wire had been replaced!"
Matt Richardville
"With a T-L we don't have to worry about all the copper wire being stolen during the night."
Dave Carmichael
"There’s no copper wire on a T-L as there is with every electric pivot system."
Jim Stevens