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The T-L Difference

Continuous Movement

Hydrostatically powered, T-L systems are designed to deliver continuous movement. Gearbox wear is drastically reduced due to the absence of electrically driven system’s stop-start operation.

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No Spoking

"Spoking" results from the start-stop operation of an electric drive pivot system. An electric pivot starts and stops 2,880 times a day at the end tower alone. This results in lost crop production and is detrimental to component life. You will never experience "spoking" with a hydrostatically powered T-L irrigation system.

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No Copper Theft

Copper theft is a concern when using an electric pivot system. T-L's hydrostatically powered pivot systems can be designed with no wire to steal, eliminating the problem.

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Unmatched Warranty

T-L pivot systems are protected by comprehensive manufacturer's warranties. Planetary gearboxes are guaranteed for 8 years / 24,000 hours and worm gear drives are protected for 8 years / 16,000 hours due to our hydraulic design and continuous movement performance. This warranty is unmatched in the irrigation industry!

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We do not rely on 480 volts of electricity to power our drive systems. This has the additional benefit of not being affected by lightning strikes. Our irrigation systems are driven hydrostatically eliminating the need for high voltage power.

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High Reliability

System uptime is critical when irrigating. T-L's hydrostatic design is revolutionary in the industry due to its high reliability. And, if repairs are necessary, the user can repair the problem himself in most cases and not rely on the availability of a trained electrician.

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Low Maintenance

Features such as external flex joints, unexposed drive shafts, no universal joints, and the absence of contactors and fuses contribute toward making T-L systems trouble free.

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Joel Armistead
Adairville, Kentucky
"What really caught my eye was seeing that his T-Ls didn’t need electric motors out there on each wheel unit."
Bill Hoekstra
Oakdale, California
“We looked at electric units, but we just felt like the continuous movement of the hydraulic drive would work a lot better in this situation.”
Bo Stone
Rowland, North Carolina
"I have neighbors who have had serious problems with people stealing the wire off their pivots. So the idea of hydraulic drive in place of electrical components appealed to me."