T-L Irrigation Serving 75 Countries Worldwide.

International Sales Locations

T-L Irrigation Co. has been marketing irrigation equipment and pivot systems internationally for over thirty-five years. The Company’s International Sales Division is now active in more than 75 countries worldwide. Overseas sales are a large and growing element of our business and we are committed to its success.

Our International sales team members continually travel the globe building a network of dealers whose mission is to provide the sales and after-sale service support that local growers expect.

We are experienced in the distribution logistics necessary to get irrigation systems from our plant to our customers efficiently and effectively. Specially trained T-L employees load shipment containers to make sure all components are included, helping assure timely assembly in the field.

T-L’s exclusive hydrostatic design has proven to be of significant value to international users. Ease of maintenance, reliability and simplicity of hydraulic power are important benefits, along with the system’s continuous movement, which assures even distribution of water over the crop. The absence of copper wire on T-L systems also significantly reduces the chances of wire theft, common to electrically powered irrigation equipment.

Contact our International Sales team at 1-402-462-4128 or intsales@tlirr.com to learn more about the advantages of T-L’s full line of irrigation systems and dealer representatives.