T-L’s Galvanizing Services

T-L’s hot dip galvanizing treatment is a process in which steel is coated with a layer of zinc by being submerged in a molten zinc bath. It’s also the most effective corrosion protection for steel available today. The layer of zinc which is applied forms a metallurgical bond with the steel; actually becoming part of the surface. So it won’t peel away, crumble or crack even in the most adverse conditions. Hot dip galvanized steel also has the unique ability to protect itself. If surface scratches occur during shipment or assembly, zinc from the surrounding area will protect the damaged spot by natural electrochemical action. This prevents rust from forming and gaining a foothold. Zinc galvanizing provides steel with decades of protection, minimizing maintenance and replacement costs, and maximizing the steel’s lifespan.Linear Pivot

Three reasons why T-L is recognized as a leading manufacturer of irrigation systems and your best choice for zinc galvanizing requirements of any kind.

  1. Up-to-date hot dip zinc galvanizing facilities.
  2. A convenient, accessible location.
  3. And an experienced, capable staff eager to serve you.

Dimensions of Our Galvanizing Dip Tanks:

  • 50’  Long
  • 5 ½’  Wide
  • 7’  Deep

Centrally located in south-central Nebraska we are close to I-80 and major rail transportation, your products can be shipped and returned with a minimum of delay.

Our experienced staff stands ready to answer your questions, provide a fast and accurate price quote, and handle your galvanizing needs. Contact us at 1-800-330-4264 or e-mail us at galvanizing@tlirr.com.