Web-Based Pivot Control

Irrigation SystemsFrom T-L Irrigation Co. and Agsense, llc, the Precision link enables web-based pivot control for T-L pivot systems. The Precision Link works in combination with T-L’s Precision Point Control lll (PPClll) to let you manage your pivot with your computer or mobile device and a simple internet connection. Pivot control is an important part in how you use your pivots successfully. Pivot start/stop, direction, application rate and speed, and water pump control are but a few of the features available. VRI (Variable Rate Irrigation) can also be programmed through the website.

Precision Link and the PPCIll, combined with T-L’s hydrostatic design and continuous movement, give you even water distribution, improved crop production, and efficient system management. Web-based pivot control allows for ultimate control over your pivot system through a computer or mobile device.

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