Now Available – Mait Pivot Tracker!

T-L is now offering the Mait Pivot Tracker product! This telemetry system for monitoring pivot and linear operations utilizes radios for communication to a central PC base station to eliminate the need for annual cell phone subscriptions for each field device. This system allows for farmers to automate and monitor their T-L Pivots, making it much easier to maintain and multitask.

The Mait Pivot Tracker has a display that will provide the following information:

  • Operating Status (Idle or Running)
  • Location of Pivot (Angle of a Pivot, or the Distance in the Field for a Linear System)
  • Water Pressure

The purpose of the Mait Pivot Tracker is to capitalize on improved water delivery systems. It is also used to improve water-use efficiency and reduce labor. It requires NO annual subscription fees and NO cellular coverage!

For more information, visit Mait Industries.

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