Why warm weather boosts early corn growth

By: Tom J Bechman OK, corn likes it warm when growing. That’s a no-brainer. But a pair of researchers looked at exactly how corn responds to warmer temperatures as it germinates and grows. What they found may help you better understand why corn planted in cool soils or subjected to cool weather after planting struggles until ... Read More »

Develop an effective weed control strategy in six steps

By: Industry Voice by Dow Enlist Don’t let weeds rob your crop of valuable nutrients and yield potential. Ryan Miller, Ph.D., market development and new technology specialist, reminds farmers to remain proactive to control tough weeds. You can implement a successful weed control program with a few key steps. Here are Miller’s six suggestions for developing ... Read More »

5 reasons for uneven corn stands

By: Terry Basol Each year in the spring, as corn is emerging, my colleagues and I get called out to assess why some fields are exhibiting uneven corn stands. There are many reasons why a couple of corn plants could be missing here and there in your corn rows. Here are five common causes for you ... Read More »

Watch cornfields for armyworm attack

By: Iowa State University If you have cornfields in Iowa this spring, start scouting emerged corn for armyworm in late May. Larvae may be present and chewing on young corn plants, says Adam Sisson, an Iowa State University Extension pest management specialist. Insecticide treatment may need to be sprayed if armyworms reach threshold levels in the ... Read More »

Give corn boost with starter fertilizer

By: Rod Swoboda With delayed spring weather and low or uncertain grain prices, farmers and crop consultants are asking questions about using starter fertilizer for corn this spring. The placement of small amounts of plant nutrients in bands offset to the side and below the seed row or in the seed furrow increases the concentration of ... Read More »