Cover crops reduce nitrates without hurting yield

By: WallacesFarmer Results of a five-year study at various locations across Iowa show cover crops added to a corn-bean rotation have no negative effect on yield while significantly reducing the nitrate concentration in subsurface water. Conducted by Iowa Learning Farms, Iowa State University Extension and Practical Farmers of Iowa, this study helps dispel the commonly ... Read More »

Modern corn plant built to use sunlight

By: Tom J Bechman Nearly 25 years ago, Dave Nanda estimated that corn could yield more than 500 bushels per acre. It wasn’t just a wild guess. He based his estimate partly on how many raw ingredients corn plants could capture per acre for photosynthesis. Over the past couple of years, farmers in national corn yield ... Read More »

Tips for end-of-season combine clean-out

By: Meaghan Anderson Before the combine gets stashed away for winter, an end-of-season clean-out is a way to check the combine over for necessary maintenance and remove material that could act as food or bedding for pests, like mice or raccoons. These animals can cause damage by chewing wires or nesting in the engine. Cleaning out ... Read More »


By: Gil Gullickson For the most part, there’s good news about corn rootworm in 2019. Wyffels Hybrids had an extensive rootworm-trapping network this last summer for adult rootworm beetles in order to assess next year’s larval (root damaging) populations. “We have not seen a huge spike in numbers,” says Mitch Heisler, marketing manager for Wyffels Hybrids. ... Read More »


By: Gene Johnston How much nitrogen does your corn crop need each year? That question is one of your toughest, you’ve said in surveys. Newell Kitchen, a soil scientist with the USDA-Agricultural Research Service in Missouri, is sympathetic to your quandary. The sources of plant-available nitrogen in the soil, coupled with the year-to-year variability of weather, ... Read More »