Get a Grasp on Generational Differences

By: Meg Gaige Recruiting employees for your farm has never been tougher and it will get worse, says long-time headhunter Dan Simmons of Oceanview, Del. But if you can figure out how to bridge the generational divide, your business will thrive as we approach the 2020s. The generation in which you came of age frames ... Read More »

KB Enterprise offers GateHands

By: High Plains Journal KB Enterprise, Ponca City, Oklahoma, has a simple fix to sagging gates. Founded by a father and daughter team, GateHands fits on all standard-sized tubes gates (1 5/8 inches, 1 3/4 inches and 2 inches) in all configurations: Single Gate, Side by Side and Overlapping. Brad and Kelsey Wagner, co-owners, have ... Read More »

Vacation: It’s Not A Four-Letter Word.

By: Rhonda Brooks It’s June, and while not officially summer according to the calendar, it sure feels like it with the heat and sunshine that’s poured down on our corn and soybean fields this week. The USDA Crop Progress report released on Tuesday showed that 92% of the total U.S. corn crop was planted. Now, ... Read More »

How Communication Contributes to Success

By: Sara Schafer As Top Producer Editor, the favorite part of my job is visiting farmers across the country. I love being able to see impressive operations up close and hear the pride in farmers’ voices as they tell me about their operations. Last week I traveled to central Illinois (Louisville, to be exact) to ... Read More »

Ways That Farmers Can Diversify Income

By: Shawn Williamson Recently, a farmer and client of mine passed away. He was a successful farmer with several hundred acres, worth millions of dollars. The thing that struck me as unusual and important was the fact that the farm was only half of his wealth. The other half consisted of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ... Read More »