Farming With Robots

By: Jodi Henke Technology is always changing in agriculture and the next phase can help alleviate labor shortages, give farmers volumes of information, and increase food production. Engineers and students at Kansas State University are developing prototypes of robots that will serve specific purposes in crop production. Read More »

Tapping Into Data

By: Laurie Bedord The path to precision begins with highly accurate data that is organized. For today’s farmer working to navigate various technologies and software, the Topcon Agriculture Platform, or TAP, delivers on those two critical points. Not only does the cloud-based farm management platform deliver advanced connectivity, cloud services, and data analytics, but also ... Read More »

Assessing The Values Of Wind And Solar Projects For Landowners

By: Jerry Perkins Brad Haight is the founder and owner (along with his wife) of LeaseGen, LLC which, according to its web site, values wind and solar lease revenue streams for buyers and sellers of property where turbines or solar equipment is installed. In a presentation Tuesday at the Land Value Expo in Des Moines, ... Read More »

13 Breakthrough Technologies Support Sustainable, Efficient Livestock Industry

By: Laurie Bedord As consumers continue to demand better animal welfare and improved sustainability across the livestock sector, new innovations are emerging that enable producers to monitor herd health in real time, prevent disease outbreaks, and optimize nutrition. Thirteen of these breakthrough technologies will be spotlighted at the Animal AgTech Innovation Summit in San Francisco ... Read More »

9 Apps You Shouldn’t Farm Without

By: Lauren Stine When it comes to apps offering farmers assistance around the farm, it’s a downloader’s market. There are countless services launching apps offering everything from assistance with figuring out the acreage in a particular area to forage identification or record keeping. Knowing which ones are worth space on your home screen can be ... Read More »