What brings the biggest benefit to soil water infiltration?

By: Tyler Harris If you’ve been paying attention to news surrounding soil health, no-till and cover crops, you’ve likely heard by now about the recent meta-analysis conducted by University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers that compiled data from 89 studies around the world to help quantify the benefits of different alternative practices on soil water infiltration. In the ... Read More »

Preparation helps you make most of bad situations

By: Steve Groff As much as we all try to get cover cropping right, things don’t always turn out the way we expect. Sometimes issues arise that can be solved with a little adjusting, but other times we find ourselves dumped right into “Plan B” territory. So, what can we do when things really go off ... Read More »

Healthy soils, healthy harvest

By: Chrystal Houston The crop at the Project GROW (Growing Rotational crops on Wellfields) demonstration plot is thigh-high, the rows of fuzzy bean pods a muted golden brown. Leininger pulls a pod from a plant and pops it open to reveal three perfectly shaped milky-white ovals. “These are ready to cut, ready to combine. They’re dry ... Read More »

7 tips to battle pigweed

By: Kansas Farmer A new community-based awareness initiative is informing growers about the risks of waterhemp and Palmer amaranth and teaching them how to fight back. Weed scientists with The Ohio State University have worked with the United Soybean Board and the Ohio Soybean Council to launch a “No Pigweed Left Behind” campaign in their ... Read More »

Cover crop selection depends on production goals

By: Ron Smith Producers interested in planting cover crops this fall should select species based on what they expect to achieve. Options for erosion control, for instance, vary from those that improve soil structure, scavenge and cycle soil nutrients, alleviate hardpans or increase organic matter. “Having a clear objective for planting a cover crop aids in ... Read More »