What to Consider Now When Planning for 2019

By: AgXplore The 2018 growing season will be a tough act to follow. This year, farmers all around the nation experienced adequate moisture and favorable temperatures with limited insect and disease pressure. “There were pockets where there was adversity, but overall, 2018 was a bumper crop year,” says AgXplore Director of Product Development and Research ... Read More »


By: Dave Mowitz Fields laid bare from harvest offer a great opportunity to inspect center pivots for repairs or to evaluate their performance before putting them to bed for the winter. Steve Melvin of the University of Nebraska says many suppliers feature excellent off-season service specials at this time. A key performance check that is often ... Read More »


By: Jessie Scott To say there’s been a lot of news coming out of D.C. involving farmers, farm policy, and trade, may be the understatement of the year. The 2018 headlines were dominated with NAFTA negotiations, the ongoing trade talks with China, the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, and the announcement of the Market Facilitation ... Read More »

Five Ways Technology is Changing Weed Management

By: Sonja Begemann Weeds are constantly evolving, and fortunately, so is the technology to fight these pests. Farmers will have new defenses against problem weeds as early as this year, with more options to come as technology is fine-tuned. Here are five innovative ways farmers and technology providers are helping in the fight against weeds. Some ... Read More »

Are You Under-Fertilizing Your Crop?

By: Sonja Begemann Before finalizing your nutrient plans, carefully consider the impact big yielding crops has on phosphorus and potassium levels in fields. While nitrogen might typically be the first nutrient you think about when it comes to high yields, it’s important to consider other nutrient needs as well. “When guys have 200-bu. corn and ... Read More »