4 Fertility Tips For High-yield Crops

By: Gil Gullickson If there’s any spring that farmers would like to forget, it’s 2019. Rampant rainfall in many areas made field operations downright miserable and, in some cases, impossible. So what now? Once harvest is done, 2020 beckons. To raise bumper-corn yields, farmers need a sound fertility strategy. Following are four fertility factors to keep ... Read More »


By: Jodi Henke A Florida start-up company called Anuvia is recycling a wide range of organic waste materials into high-value slow-release crop fertilizers. The process creates a pound of fertilizer for each pound of material used. Compared to conventional fertilizers, a study of the product by Environmental Resources Management says this new technology will feed crops and ... Read More »

Let’s Talk Plant Health: What Is It And Why Does It Matter?

By: Successful Farming Now is the time to determine which agronomic plans can or should be updated for 2020. While growing seasons may be unpredictable, growers can be better prepared for whatever the season has in store by planning to ensure the health of their crops. When it comes to crop protection, including fungicides in ... Read More »

Introducing A Combine With No Steering Wheel

By: Natalina Sents In May 2020, farmers will be able to order AGCO’s Fendt Ideal combine without a steering wheel. Instead, the machine will be equipped with the new Fendt IdealDrive introduced at the 2020 Commodity Classic. IdealDrive is a joystick steering system option that gives the combine operator a clear view of the whole ... Read More »

New Device Unearths Critical Details In The Dirt In Real Time

By: Laurie Bedford Soil sampling has always been an important management tool to ensure a crop gets the nutrients it needs. Yet, the technology that unearths the critical details in the dirt has changed little through the years. “While we have seen some advancements in areas like zone management and determining where to take samples, ... Read More »