Gas vs Diesel trucks

By: Ray Bohacz Buying decisions are crucial now because of depressed commodity prices. Every investment must be examined including the engine choice for vehicles. This begs the question: Are diesel engines for your pickups, utility vehicles, and other uses (such as an pump) the best way to go? Read More »

Global platform for used machinery hits milestone

By: Laurie Bedord When Dan Pinto and Dmitriy Rokhfeld created five years ago, their goal was simple – make searching for used equipment effortless for buyers. By gathering listings from thousands of dealers from all over the world, the pair have seen great success in achieving that goal. “With​ ​the​ ​shift​ ​moving​ ​toward​ ​digitalization​ ... Read More »

How one farmer is having fun with snow in April

By: Natalina Sents Welcome to The Highlight Reel. Here you’ll find a recap of recent light-hearted or unusual news. These aren’t the headlines, but the funny, inspiring, or touching stories from across the agriculture industry. Last week, Sonny Perdue got out of Washington D.C. to visit three big agriculture states. Across the industry, people and ... Read More »

Ag Tech in 2018

By: Jodi Henke f it weren’t for risk-taking entrepreneurs in agriculture, we’d probably still be plowing fields with horses. The way we farm continues to evolve as new technologies are developed by the brightest minds which includes gene editing, plant breeding, and animal health and nutrition. Michael Helmstetter is the CEO of TechAccel, an ag ... Read More »

Are you tired of tech?

By: Laurie Bedord Paul Overby chuckles when he reads the claims of the new apps and software solutions. “These products can only do what is being promised if someone gets the base information into the program in the first place so reports can be generated!” says the North Dakota farmer. According to Ag Funder’s Agrifood ... Read More »