By: Bill Spiegel Details matter. For years, that’s been the message Lee Briese shares with the farmers for whom he is a certified crop advisor. It’s those little details that can make a good crop great, says Briese, who works for Centrol Crop Consulting in Edgely, North Dakota. It’s also the little details that turned ... Read More »

An Old Will Creates A Future Mess

By: Jolene Brown We are in a real mess. My husband, Joe, was admitted last month into a memory care center for advanced Alzheimer’s. We have good long-term care policies. Our farm operation has been in really good hands since our son, Alan, and his wife have farmed with us for 34 years. Actually, with ... Read More »

Rebuilding From The Rubble

By: Laurie Bedord Tucked away under their basement stairs, Bruce and Carol Peterson believed the storm that swept across their family’s Northfield, Minnesota, farm was going to be no big deal. “We could hear what sounded like leaves and branches hitting the house, so we thought there were only going to be a few trees ... Read More »

New Dirt Under The Old Plan

By: Mark McLaughlin My husband and I are 76, farm with our son, own 840 acres debt-free, and just did something we promised we wouldn’t do. We took on debt to buy another 160 acres right next to us. I thought we were done! Our son wanted to buy it, but his balance sheet was ... Read More »

Meet A Farmer: Alan Krick

By: Successful Farming Staff Alan Krick views his life as a farmer and a father as a glass-half-full proposition. “Oh my gosh, I love farming,” he confesses. “I wake up every morning, even during these times of trade wars, regulations, and environmental challenges, and I feel like it’s another day in paradise. How fortunate I ... Read More »