Tying soil conservation to nutrient management

By: WallacesFarmer Farming in Wright County in north-central Iowa, Tim Smith wants to be part of the solution. In 2011, he began adding practices that kept soil in place and held nutrients to improve soil health and water quality. Smith says he’s thankful for the assistance and guidance he receives from his local Natural Resources Conservation ... Read More »

Company to expand test of hybrid selection tool

By: Willie Vogt The science of crop modeling keeps advancing. Company software engineers are expanding their knowledge of the interaction among seed, soil, weather and growing conditions to better match crop to location. The latest news on that front comes from The Climate Corporation, a subsidiary of Bayer. The company is advancing its predictive seed selection ... Read More »

Why corn test weight makes a difference

By: Dave Nanda Despite use of foliar fungicide applications by several farmers, I’ve seen lots of disease pressure in many cornfields this year. Along with gray leaf spot, I’ve seen northern corn leaf blight. Weather was favorable for these disease organisms, which affect yield and test weight. Disease lesions reduce the photosynthetic area of leaves, and ... Read More »

Efficient ways to manage residue in the fall

By: Industry Voice by Lemken USA Corn residue in particular must be sized and evenly mixed to incorporate organic material into the soil. This accelerates decomposition and reincorporates valuable nutrients that promote healthy plants the following year. Fall tillage also helps the ground warm faster in the spring, saving farmers valuable time in cold, wet planting ... Read More »

What are weeds costing you?

By: Mindy Ward In a scene rivaling the iconic movie “Field of Dreams,” four farmers walked into the edge of a cornfield and disappeared. They were attending a Syngenta Grow More Experience field day this summer in Columbia, Mo. Minutes later, the men reappeared through the rows, calling out numbers. After quick addition, Brett Craigmyle, agronomist ... Read More »